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The music sometimes owns me
When I instruct a SHiNE class I am giving you my true, raw, authentic, unapologetic self. Outside of class, I am on my A-game 100% of the time running an analyst relations program for a risk management tech firm and raising three remarkable young boys with little room for error. But not in SHiNE; not for that one hour I get to dance my heart out. So, I thank you for allowing me to let loose and break free of my daily grind. And I really hope the environment I created allows you to do the same. 

Dance Fitness Etiquette
Addressing dance fitness etiquette is essential, and drawing from my extensive experience—beyond several years of SHiNE certification—I've collaborated with numerous respected instructors who share a similar mindset. Here are some principles we collectively endorse:

  • Authentic Engagement: It's crucial to attend class with genuine enthusiasm. If the class doesn't resonate with you, that's perfectly fine. I encourage you to explore different formats and instructors to discover what aligns best with your fitness goals.

  • Class Dynamics: During class, refrain from offering corrections. Embrace the journey together, whether it involves missing a transition or adding an unexpected step. Trust the instructor to guide the class, understanding that even deviations from the plan contribute to the unique energy of the session.

  • Flexibility in Style: Recognize that this is a workout, not a stage performance. There's no need for perfection—embrace the freedom to shimmy and enjoy the process without fear of judgment. It's a supportive environment where individuality is celebrated.

  • Non-Competitive Atmosphere: While it's not a competition, the ultimate goal is personal success. Every participant should feel accomplished in their fitness journey. The focus is on individual progress and the positive impact on well-being, fostering an inclusive and encouraging atmosphere.

These principles collectively contribute to a harmonious and uplifting dance fitness experience, promoting a sense of community and personal achievement.


I have struggling with the increase of weight, as I have gotten older.  Therefore, my self-esteem has been an issue. I wear larger clothing to cover as much as I can.  Sonia, Shine, and the amazing group of people I dance with, have made me feel more comfortable with myself, and JUST DANCE!  It has made me realize that I am fine, just the way I am, and to surround myself with positive friends. Sonia's Shine group, have help me let go of my insecurities, and dance like no one is watching.  I may not have all the moves down to perfection, but that is okay.  Before Sonia, and Shine, I would have never participated in the Flash mob - NO WAY!  Sonia makes Shine what it is! She is an amazing human being, that gives off love, acceptance, and positive energy!!  

Sonia, Shine, and these amazing group of women, have made a difference in my life, and I will be forever grateful!  Thank you so very much!!!!

- Carmen Parise  


I enjoy dancing, and I love Shine for the fun, health benefits, and community.  Sonia is a wonderful teacher who makes dancing easy, whether you're a dancer or not, and no matter what your age.  Also, the music rocks! -Jane Rossi


Some love the music, the dancing, the grooves

Others the exercise, the motions, the moves.


Some love the spotlight, it’s their natural place

Others find their zone in a much quieter space.


Regardless of the motive we continue to come

Because Sonia’s energy keeps the SHINE fun.


(Thanks for your enthusiasm Sonia.  I'm not a dancer but it keeps me going.)

-Sue Jackson


"Wow!! What a fun way to exercise!! The hour flew by! Sonia is an amazing instructor." -Liz F.


“Members love how hard she works to keep them motivated and connected during a very difficult year while still making fitness fun and enthusiastic. Thank you, Sonia for sharing your passion with our members.” -Travis Pointe Country Club


“Today her blood pressure was 102/66!!! I contributes this to my active lifestyle, including SHiNE Dance Fitness. I constantly think about work/issues and this is the one hour I don’t think about it!" - Lisa R.


“Such a fun way to get a workout! Upbeat music, moves that make you feel like a dancer, and a caring teacher that motivates. I always walk out happy.” -Sharon N.


I have been participating in the SHINE classes at Travis Pointe for about a year and highly recommend it if you want a FUN cardio workout!  Sonia always has the best routines that work all muscle groups while dancing!  It's a fun, healthy way to exercise! -Karen M.


“I really enjoyed this class and our instructor, Sonia, was awesome. Some us didn’t know the steps and she totally put our minds at ease. We all caught on because she was patient and great with her explanations.” Heidi W.


“Sonia, I really love the energy, enthusiasm, and joy you bring to class. You accept us all where we are and seem not to be disappointed when skills don’t begin to approach yours. We all love your class, Many thanks.” Jen B.


“I am so glad I found this new and invigorating workout. SHiNE has brought me joy that goes beyond just an exciting way to workout. It’s like it gives me permission to be who I am at this stage in my life. It celebrates the fact that you are not young but you still got it. I think a lot of us need to be reminded of that.” Mary L.


“So much fun, and burned all the calories! Highly recommend. Sonia was amazing.” Kara S.


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This is an uplifting and supportive community.

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